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• Congo jr face panel with LCD and encoders for LED and moving lights

• 1024 outputs (2 universes of DMX) via XLR or Ethernet

• 40 Masters with flash and master keys
- no on-board Masters LCD displays
- no additional wings may be connected

• Backup
- up to the console’s maximum channels/outputs

• Client capable for any other Congo desk /channel count
- this feature is supported in the upcoming v6.1 software release

• All other Congo features intact – no reductions

• Monitors: No Y-Cable, however, this limits to a maximum of 2xDVI or 1xDVI + 1xVGA monitor, just like Ion and Element..

LED light D40 series

The Desire™ Series of luminaires produces such brilliant, high-quality light. And with technology not found in other LED fixtures, you won’t believe how feature-rich and user-friendly they are.

Congo Kid Selador Desire D40 Selador Desire D40 Studio
Selador Desire D40 XT Selador Desire D40 XT Studio  

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